From an idea to its realisation

Making an idea a reality and a business venture is our speciality. Many years of work, professional consultancy and help of the experts at Dr Koziej Instytut Badań Kosmetyków enabled the company to launch on the market numerous products which are available today on the shelves in the country and abroad. Each cosmetic is subject to a series of tests selected according to the type and function of the product, rigorous toxicological analysis of ingredients, so consequently, to the Safety Assessment Report compliant with the existing regulations of the European Union. Our Institute is suitably equipped to perform the activities mentioned here.

We are a Polish research centre with a 25-year-long presence on the market and a professional business partner within the range of services we offer.

We specialise in developing complete sets of tests and analyses necessary to introduce a product on the European Union market. Many years of work of the Institute and its experts and Dr Piotr Koziej’s professional and scientific accomplishments have given us a stable position on the market and enabled to carry out projects for the most demanding Clients both those long present in the business and the newly 

joining. The tests we perform are overseen by reputable experts in the possession of the most recent technologies and state-of-the-art equipment.  All tests are carried out in accordance with the methodology laid down by the European Pharmacopeia, Cosmetics Europe, Food and Drug Administration and the European Union guidelines. We guarantee a professional and effective approach.
Cooperation tailored to fit

Each idea requires realisation fit for the Client’s needs and the demands of the market. Therefore throughout the years of our work, we have continually tried to be a partner and not only an expert and  service provider. The scale of performed tests and their specific characteristics are each time tailored to the type of product and modified according to the expectations of the Client. We can do all work on Your behalf or advise how to successfully finalise a given project. Apart from standard, we offer the tests developed individually (e. g. for special purpose products).

The tests carried out by Dr Koziej Instytut Badań Kosmetyków guarantee the safety of the product and the compliance of its documentation with the European Union regulations. We provide professional service from planning the schedule, adjusting the composition and testing the final product, ending with setting the date of its launching on the market. We ensure full confidentiality of the activities and test results. Do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts are at Your disposal.

Contact us. We are happy to answer all your questions.
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