Dr Koziej Instytut Badań Kosmetyków offers a full range of tests and analyses necessary to introduce a product to the European Union market:
Physicochemical testing
Organoleptic evaluation of the product, measurements of pH, density, viscosity, concentration of nitrosamines, PAH and others available on your request.
Stability and compatibility testing

Verification of mass stability with the packaging in the changing storage conditions.

Microbiological testing

Verification of microbiological purity for bacteria, mould and  fungi.

Preservative Challenge Testing

Verification of the effectiveness of preservatives.

Dermatological testing

Verification of the potential allergic or irritant reaction of the cosmetic, e. g. epidermal, h-RIPT and other testing.

Verification of a marketing declaration
Claim Substantiation and Custom Testing – from usability, analytical to specialist tests such as: trichoscopy, antioxidative activity or sunscreen effectiveness testing.
Safety assessment

Product dossier (in other words: Product Information File, PIF) taking into account a rigorous toxicological analysis and meticulous verification of the product documentation (including the label) in accordance with the most recent EU legislation.

Honestly, promptly and in compliance with the existing legislation

The original methodology of our tests was developed based on many years of experience and research of Dr Piotr Koziej looking at the most recent breakthroughs in medicine, with a particular focus on allergology, dermatology and toxicology.  

All the tests we carry out are performed in compliance with the methodology laid down by the European Pharmacopoeia, Cosmetics Europe, Food and Drug Administration and the European Union guidelines.


We have the knowledge and competence confirmed by numerous certificates therefore we are able to propose competitive solutions to clients and provide support in the choice of the offer and research methods tailored to individual needs.


A set of reports including the results of the above tests guarantees to the Responsible Person the safety of a cosmetic product and compliance of its documentation with the existing EU legislation. That makes it possible for the product to be sold on the Polish and other European Union markets.


Expertly selected range of tests increases promotional potential of the product.

Tests tailored to fit
  • The range and specific characteristic of the performed tests are each time tailored to the type, function and purpose of the product and modified according to the needs and expectations of the Client.

  • Apart from standard testing, we offer testing prepared individually (e.g. for special purpose products).

  • We ensure full confidentiality of results.

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